“Experience New Levels of Smart Home and Electric Vehicle Control with Samsung, Tesla & Hyundai”

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CES 2024: Smart Home Automation Revolution Begins With Samsung Tesla and Hyundai Partnership

As CES 2024 quickly approaches, the conversation surrounding Smart Homes technology is ramping up. Taking the lead in this area is Samsung, who recently announced its impressive collaboration with Tesla and Hyundai to make SmartThings even smarter.

SmartThings Energy App to Revolutionize Home Energy Efficiency

Using Samsung SmartThings Energy App, any Tesla or Powerwall owners will be able to easily monitor and control their homes with ease. With this new tech, users will be able to view information about energy production, storage, and usage. The App also boasts of a smart “Storm Watch” feature that notifies users using their TVs or smartphones when extreme weather events like hurricanes or snowfall is approaching.

Tesla FleetAPI App Makes Home Energy Control Possible

In addition, Tesla has published the FleetAPI, an application which developers can use to access Powerwall, Solar, Wall Connector, and electric vehicles. Being among the first companies to make use of the app, Samsung looks to be at the forefront of the Smart Home Automation revolution. As stated by Tesla CTO Drew Baglino, “We are pleased that Samsung has chosen to be an early developer, given its leading position in consumer smart home technology.”

Hyundai Partnership to Tie Cars and Homes Together

Furthermore, Samsung and Hyundai have also joined forces to integrate SmartThings into the Hyundai electric vehicles. Titled “Home-to-Car” and “Car-to-Home” services, this will allow users to control their cars from their smart homes, as well as do the other way around. This means users will be able to remotely start their cars from their home, check charging status, utilize their car’s infotainment system to control their home appliances, and so much more.

Energy Efficiency and Automation at Its Finest

The purpose of this tech is to allow homeowners to better manage their energy consumption, by being able to control their energy sources. Moreover, this system is made even smarter with AI energy mode, which works to optimize remaining energy during power outages, and allows users to set their home up to their desired temperature even before they wake up each morning.

Prepare Yourself for CES 2024

Samsung will be showcasing the capabilities enabled by the aforesaid technologies at their booth at CES 2024, scheduled to occur from January 6 to 12 in Las Vegas. So if you’re excited to find out more about Smart Home Automation, don’t forget to drop by and keep yourself updated with all the news.

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